Corydoras Melini – Lönnberg & Rendahl, 1930

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Corydoras Melini – Lönnberg & Rendahl, 1930
Corydoras metae
Copyright © Andrzej Ostropolski 2010
Corydoras Melini is a species of catfish belonging to the genus Corydoras, of the Family Callichthyidae, and originates from the Rio Negro and the Rio Meta.  The fish prefers  water with pH range 7.0 – 7.5, although they will tolerate a range of water conditions. Sandy substrate is best in order to prevent damage to barbels.


Corydoras metae
Copyright © Andrzej Ostropolski 2010

Cordoras Melini will like plenty of plants and driftwood throughout the aquarium, with a central open area for swimming. They should be kept in schools of at least six. The fish are omnivores they will feed on live or frozen brine shrimps, blackworms, daphnia, algae wafers and sinking shrimp pellets. High quality flake food may be used as supplement. Breeding Cordoras Melini is not hard – the addition of new, clean, oxygenated water appears to be the primary stimulus for this species. During spawning, the males will follow the fertile female around and circle her. The eggs are no larger than 1.5 mm and can be left on the glass as well as on plants and spawning mops. Unlike many other catfish species, Corydoras Melini produce rather small batches sometimes less than 10-15 eggs. The eggs will hatch after 4-5 days if the water temperature is around 25ºC. At this point, the fry is around 4 mm and almost invisible from gravel. When the fry hatch, they will feed from their yolk sac for another 48 hours. As the first food for Corydoras Melini fry you can use microworms. As they grow larger, you can start giving them newly hatched brine shrimp and then gradually increase the size of the food. After four weeks they will be over 1 cm long and much thicker than when they hatched.

Latin name Corydoras Melini
Size Up to 2 inches (5 cm)
Difficulty Easy
Water Temperature 68°F – 77°F or 20°C – 25°C
Water pH 7.0 – 7.5 pH
Water Hardness 10 – 15 dGH
Peaceful or Aggressive Peaceful shoaling fish
Number of same species in tank Six and more, more is better
Community Fish Yes
Sexes Males are generally slimmer, Females are larger and more rounder
Space in aquarium Middle to bottom
Food Flake food, blood worms and brine shrimp
Breeding Easy to breed – often breed in community tank
Breeding temperature 68°F – 77°F or 20°C – 25°C
Common names False Corydoras Bandit
Lifespan in aquarium Up to 5 years

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