Chromobotia macracanthus (Bleeker, 1852)

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Chromobotia macracanthus (Bleeker, 1852)


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 Chromobotia macracanthus  is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Cobitidae family. It is the sole member of the Chromobotia genus. Clown loaches are native to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia. A harmless, very active and sociable fish, clown loaches are best kept in groups of 3-4 or more as excellent community tank fish. 

Latin name Chromobotia macracanthus
Size 7 to 15 inches (15 to 30 cm)
Difficulty Moderate
Water Temperature 71.6 – 82.4°F or 22 – 28°C
Water pH 6 – 7.5 pH
Water Hardness 5 – 15 dGH
Peaceful or Aggressive Peaceful, sociable
Number of same species in tank 3-4 or more, more is better
Community Fish Yes
Space in aquarium Bottom
Food Flake food, blood worms and brine shrimp, snails
Breeding Not confirmed breed in captivity
Breeding temperature 82.4°F or 28°C
Common names Clown Loach, Botia macracantha, Cobitis macracanthus,
Lifespan in aquarium Up to 40 years

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